Menadžment i pravo 2022

Introductory Words

The sixth International Conference Management and Law 2022 will be held at the Faculty of Business and Law, University MB in Belgrade.

The theme of the International Scientific Conference Management and Law 2022 is: Globalization and Modern Business.The Conference will be held on September 16, 2022.

The International Thematic Scientific Conference will initiate with a planetary session whose goal is to achieve an interdisciplinary and intensive interaction between different research disciplines, as well as the attitudes and opinions of the authors of different provenance.

Upon the planetary session, the International Conference will be operating in three sections: management, law and information technologies. The subject of the scientific discussion will be based on three general thematic areas:

  1. Modern trends in economics and management
  2. Legal state and rule of law: basis of management in modern society
  3. 3. Application of the new IT technologies and support to the modern business production processes, decision-making and management.

This International Conference will contribute to and allow for the exchange of opinions and attitudes. It will simultaneously offer the right solutions in the area of management and business, economics, law and IT. The Conference will also gather a large number of scientific and educational institutions, national and foreign producers, users, engaged organizations, etc. The papers from the Conference will be published in the journal MB University International Review, which will be issued four times a year, beginning from 2022.

The goal of the International Scientific Conference is an adequate locating and understanding of the issues regarding modern economics, management, business, law and application of the new technologies they bring, as well as providing concrete ideas and practical solutions for improvement of these fields.