Menadžment i pravo 2022

Aim of the Conference

The aim of the International Scientific Conference Management and Law 2022 is to bring together all scientists and business people who, in any way, deal with or use the results in the field of management and business, economics, law and information technology. This will allow the participants to grasp, understand and exchange scientific knowledge, which would contribute to the proper selection, use and development of the abovementioned fields.

The application of new technologies has been bringing change that is more dynamic on the entire global economic scene for a long time. Their content is increasingly influencing the competitiveness of national economies. At the microeconomic level, new technologies lead to a change in the economic structure and quality of production factors. They are an integral part of all concretization strategies, the concept of knowledge-based economy and innovation.

The International Scientific Conference should provide specific answers to the questions of how to apply new technologies in a quality way within the knowledge economy with a higher level of efficiency and effectiveness, all with the aim of providing sustainable development, and the lowest possible risks of all kinds.